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Byron Pederson Promotes Image Boost for Tax Relief at Conference Hayden, Idaho, United States of America ( May 3, 2012 — Byron Pederson, co-founder of Idaho-based Instant Tax Solutions, believes the May 2012 meeting of the National Association of Tax Debt Resolution Companies will be a great opportunity for tax resolution businesses to begin to […]

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Idaho Businessman Byron Pederson Stresses Family Time

Byron Pederson says family camping trips help to strengthen bonds and let everyone recharge as they unplug.


Byron Pederson says that in today’s society, being connected to the Internet seems to be most people’s priority. He believes, however, that a different type of connection is far more beneficial. According to Byron Pederson, stripping down a family vacation to something as simple as a camping trip can open up lines of communication in a way that no smart phone can.


As a businessman and entrepreneur, Byron Pederson knows how difficult it can be to get away. However, Pederson feels that it is important to sanction time for the family. One of Byron Pederson’s favorite family vacations is going camping. He says that by foregoing the hustle and bustle of the big city or the beach, families can really sit back and unwind. Here are a few of Byron Pederson’s top picks for camping spots in his home state of Idaho:


American Falls Reservoir: Byron Pederson says that this 56,000 acre nature area is the largest on the Snake River. Camping is available at both the West Side and Willow Bay areas of the reserve. Byron Pederson notes that the area is a boater’s paradise and has ample walking trails for the adventurous.


Bayhorse Recreation Site: This site situated on the Salmon River, says Byron Pederson, was named after a mining community that has long since faded into history. The camping sites have no electricity but offer potable water, and most importantly, beautiful scenery and a serene atmosphere. Additionally, Byron Pederson points out that while the Salmon River may be the first choice for fishing excursions, there are a handful of small lakes in the area that may also pique the interest of some travelers.


Clark Fork River: Byron Pederson says the scenic beauty of the Clark Fork River is breathtaking. Its calm waters, lush green landscape, and picturesque mountain views have many people questioning why computers were invented in the first place. According to Byron Pederson, a few days in North Eastern Idaho is sure to make even the most avid camper stop and appreciate the beauty that God has provided.


According to Byron Pederson, camping underneath the stars, breathing the fresh mountain air, and unplugging for a few days is good for the mind, body and soul. He says that taking time away from the office not only makes him a better husband and father, but also a better business owner.


Byron Pederson is the co-owner of Instant Tax Solutions, a tax debt resolution firm based out of Post Falls, Idaho. He and his wife Tammy have one son and look forward to watching their family grow.

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Byron Pederson on Leading Social Networks

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